Gateau Blaster

« Some Distant Memory »





From 22.11.2012. to 13.12.2012
Thursday – Saturday from 2 pm to 6 pm and by appointment
Vernissage : Saturday The 24th of November at 6 pm

Rue Pletinckx 60, 1000 Brussels


Realistically, no one can listen the whole of Some Distant Memory, which consists of Lady Gaga’s song Bad Romance slowed down so that a single, continuous listening lasts for twenty-four hours. While we can experience musical elements in it, the crushing slowness of their unfolding constantly undercuts our expectations, even as it ratchets up the idea of leisure to a level approaching absurdity.

«Some Distant Memory, as I see it, is not simply a work of appropriation. It is more like an act of violation… it is a straightforward case of abduction. The original work, Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance, is one of the best-selling single of all time, and I’ve never listened it.» Sopheap Chuop aka Gateau Blaster