Orsolya Bajusz, Flora Bradwell, Jemima Burrill, Jérôme Chazeix, Sopheap Chuop, Benoit Grimalt, Henrik Haukeland, Penny Van Hazelberg, Kitty Kamp, Vincent Legrand, Fanny Lopez, Jorge Loureiro, Nicolas Nicolini, PirarucuDuo, Dagmara Pochyla, Benjamin Ravage, Alice Söderlund, Elena Tejada-Herrera, Florent Texier, Stéphanie Verin, Lucia Veronesi, Ines Willaume 

« Video Nacht Klub »





BAD proudly presents an event of the B_L_I_N_K_K_K_K
(Brussels Laboratorium, Ikon & Nacht Klub Kunst Komputer Kool) Festival, curated by Sopheap Chuop :

Video Nacht Klub

Monday, June, 8th

Videos by :

Penny Van Hazelberg (Australia)
Vincent Legrand (Belgium)
Jorge Loureiro (Brasil)
PirarucuDuo (Brasil)
Sopheap Chuop (Cambodia)
Zadie Xa (Canada)
Benoit Grimalt (France)
Fanny Lopez (France)
Nicolas Nicolini (France)
Benjamin Ravage (France)
Florent Texier (France)
Ines Willaume (France)
Jérôme Chazeix (Germany & France)
Orsolya Bajusz (Hungary)
Lucia Veronesi (Italia)
Kitty Kamp (Netherlands)
Elena Tejada-Herrera (Peru)
Dagmara Pochyla (Polonia)
Henrik Haukeland (Sweden)
Alice Söderlund (Sweden)
Flora Bradwell (United Kingdom)
Jemima Burrill (United Kingdom)

S V \ I W
Exhibition by Stéphanie Verin and Ines Willaume


A-E-R-O-B-I-C, by Sopheap Chuop


At La Tricoterie, 158 rue Théodore Verhaeghen, 1060 Brussels
From 8pm to 11pm
Free entrance


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> Orsolya Bajusz (Hungary)
Bela der Dekorator, 2012

Bela is a strange character, neither really young or old, or masculine or feminine, in constant shift and transformation among the world of diffusing binaries. He is more embodied transition than anomaly, and together with a bunch of office worker mashup anarchists, housewives,the perverted teacher, timid children, the cultivated farmer, he is caught in performing the plight of the contemporary subject. There is no distinction between social speech and internalised social speech, inner speech flows into lifestyle advice and myth, the characters talk some kind of logos through each other. Bela is The Other, and speaking through him enables me to find my own voice.
All mistakes and faults are either intentional or at least welcomed.

Video : https://vimeo.com/32797045

Website : http://obajusz.blogspot.be/



> Flora Bradwell (United Kingdom)
I AM BELLA (Hear Me Roar), 2015

The greatly anticipated second single from Bella & The Lordwarfs. Bella expresses her identity asa second-self, masked performer and woman. Respect her calves of thunder!

Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvFTlQBYZp4

Website : www.florabradwell.com



> Jemima Burrill (United Kingdom)
The New Model, 2014

The New Model describes a domestic itch, a woman is buffed and polished by a car wash to become the person she dreams of. Burrill takes mundane settings, a car wash or a supermarket and turns them into stages where anything can happen. Her protagonist, which she acts, arrives from the boot of a car wearing yellow washing up gloves and high heels. She is this domestic creature yet an archetypal female who walks towards the car wash with determination and zeal? She is hoovered and scrubbed by a male attendant. Her dressed-up body is sprayed down and her face wiped clean. Who will walk out at the end of the process? What will the transformation be after this hardcore wash? A young girl appears, a younger twin who is donned with the same high heels, the lipstick and then the apron and the rubber gloves as if all lives lead back to the same place. The car boot opens.
Burrill has made 11 videos which look at when the gap between comfort and discomfort begins to close, and the subject squeezes into the place between. Her videos aim to reveal predisposed boundaries of the domestic space, elevating the mundane into the significant. Here is the articulation of physical confines and imaginative openings revelling in both joy and debasement.

Video : https://vimeo.com/55594754

Website : http://www.jemimaburrill.co.uk



> Jérôme Chazeix (France, Germany)
Die Monade, Kampf auf der astralen Ebene (The monad, battle on the astral plane), 2009 – 2014

This animated film consists of approximately 4800 individual drawings.
A musical and colorful environment blends with language and electronic sounds to a Gesamtkunstwerk together in which to find elements of space, science fiction and anime are, and form a dialogue about the human being as pure cosmic energy. It explodes, pulsates, poeticizes and metaphors … a secret way to explain life.

Website : http://www.zeixberlin.de/



> Benoit Grimalt (Belgium)
La musique, 2014
Video : https://vimeo.com/99027589

Un film de 3 secondes, 2014
Video : https://vimeo.com/88765127

Versoin longue, 2014
Video : https://vimeo.com/103418091

45è minute, 2014
Video : https://vimeo.com/103418091


Website : benoit.grimalt.free.fr/



> Fanny Lopez (France)
Le temps des choses, 2014

« At the time of all-digital, automation and dehumanization, a fear drives me. A fear of loss, a loss not only material but also a loss of expertise. The computer and the machine took over on the hand of man, the drawing becomes scarce, the handwriting too. With this paradigm shift, our relationship with time changes, everything must always go faster, information abounds permanently. But amid this surplus information, what do we keep and for how long? Also, the act of creating the information, communicate constantly, doesn’t it put us in position to forget the contents as quickly as we created it? »

Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNIDPq3u3g8

Website : http://www.fanny-youpi.com/



> Jorge Loureiro (Brazil)
In TRANSCENDENTAL Part I – The Impacting Secrets of Daily Life/ An Attempt to Self-Reinvigoration, 2015

The opening of boxes that can be seen on Youtube brings the full enjoyment and intimate relation to the product.
In TRANSCENDENTAL Part I – The Impacting Secrets of Daily Life/ An Attempt to Self-Reinvigoration, the artist puts himself into the process of unboxing a product, as a video performance.
It was recorded with 3 diferent types of media of video, a webcam, a cellphone and a digital SRL camera, all recording the same process in diferent perspectives, each one of the perspectives show new informations about the scene. Along the video and the fast nauseating transition of the images and perspectives, some specific daily products of the scene are signalized and a construction of ideas by assimilation of images is built.
The work is separated in 2 phases, the first is the unboxing and the second the assembly and first use of the product. Among the shifting screens and the strange behavior of the shadows between them, small secrets and evidences are being revealed.
In a few moments of the video, it is possible to find also some quick face detections graphics in the artist’s face. The program applyed in the video is called SHORE™ – Object and Face Recognition, developed by the german company Fraunhofer IIS. It can estimate gender, age and facial expressions.

Website : http://jorgehloureiro.com/



> PirarucuDuo (Fernando Visockis & Thiago Parizi) (Brazil)
Mete-o-rology or How Jean Baudrillard Forecasted our Dooms, 2015

WEBSITE: http://fernandovisockis.net & http://thiagoparizi.com



> Dagmara Pochyla (Polonia)
The Promise, 2013

« In my work the promise takes place on two levels. The first plan consists of what the recipient is observing inside the frame, becoming a witness of making the promise. However, one is not able to find out who to whom is promising; the monkey to the man, or the man to the monkey. The second plan is constituted by the axis of culture – nature, where man represents the culture and the animal – nature. In this case the promise refers to the possibility of an agreement, and even an identification, with one another. Nevertheless, it shall never be fulfilled. »

Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xHzTgyWr1s


Portrait with Human, 2014

« We are never alone. There are worming, lurking, there simply are in us and around us smaller and bigger beings. We have discovered existance of many of them not so long ago and presence of many others has become so obvious that we stopped no longer pay attention to it. Have you ever wondered what is the history of the silent tree behind your window? How your green-lea- room-mate is feeling today? Don’t you think that constantly busy with our own (human) history we have deprived ourselves of, also interesting and comple,x history of OTHERS? And at last are we able to notice and appreciate non-human individual, also unique and self determinated? The portrait with the human (in the background) is an attempt of focusing our sight and attention on the presensce of THE OTHERS. Masters of second plan, nameless, static, silent but still present in everyday life as much as humans. This piece is an attempt of puting the man aside so we can have a closer look at plants. »

Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2OFlVc0hMQ

Website : http://dagmarapochyla.pl/



> Alice Söderlund (Sweden)
Talk, 2014

The video consist of two people doing various gestures in two seperated frames. On the left frame is Joe Calderone, a female doing masculine gestures, such as smoking cigarette, and on the right frame it’s me, a male trying to imitate the masculine gestures but translating them into feminine gestures instead, such as blowing bubblegum instead of smoking cigarettes.

Video : http://fashiontube.com/videos/qmmyi6/lady-gaga/

Website: www.alicesoderlund.se



Elena Tejada-Herrera (Peru)
Couples, 2014

A woman and a man are together within the frame of the screen, but separated in real time. The video shows them moving toward each other in the same screen, their movements are coordinated and choreographed, they play with their objects but they never reach each other.

Website: https://tejadaherrera.wordpress.com/category/website/



> Florent Texier (France)
Xiu Xiu — Cinthya’s Unisex (Official music video), 2014

Official video for Xiu Xiu’s « Cinthya’s Unisex » from the album « Angel guts: red classroom ».

Video : https://vimeo.com/106305456

Website : http://vimeo.com/user9416244



> Penny Van Hazelberg (Australia)
Inner Palace, 2014

Enter a world where religion has developed into a realm of cross cultures merged together over time. This 4-minute piece takes you on the highs and lows of diversity in a modern culture 2k16.

Video : https://vimeo.com/102888505

Portraits, 2015

A vision of people as art. Diverse Artist Penny Van Hazelberg creates a unique world within each scene of shapes, sounds and people as the source of energy for his live video portraits.

Video : https://vimeo.com/126370277


Check his online exhibition : http://brusselsartdepartment.com/visions/



> Lucia Veronesi (Italia)
Untitiled Landscape #9, 2015

Untitled landscape # is a work in progress. Videos are focusing on the concept of « transformation » and on the idea of catastrophe in a non stop motion. The field of vision is invaded by different elements: they stratify and alter the starting image: new visions are opening in front of us.

Video : http://www.luciaveronesi.com/luciaveronesiWORKS_31.html

Website : http://www.luciaveronesi.com/



> Stéphanie Verin & Ines Willaume (France)
S V / I W #1, 2015

Stéphanie Verin built a tree structure of shapes by putting them in relationships. The studio work, the lab aspect, the compilation of documents play a major role in the production of her works. The point is to initiate a reflection on the work as a perspective.

Ines Willaume imagine a somewhere that can feed its singularities, which can consider the image as a lever and not only as an object of contemplation. These are essentially images that gradually, joined a corpus of images. It’s a kind of a look at our civilization, by infiltrating its resistance and singularities, a kind of open door to future projections.

Website : ineswillaume.wixsite.com/youarehere



> Sopheap Chuop (Cambodia, Vietnam and France)
A-E-R-O-B-I-C, 2015

Website : sopheapchuop.com